ø 手电筒,移动电源,矿灯" /> qx7135 是一种低压差、线性降压、固定输出电流的 led 恒流驱动器。 除 led外,qx7135无需外接其它元器件即可构成一个恒流输出的 led驱动
qx7135 内置过热保护功能,可有效保护芯片,避免结温超过120oc 时因过热而造成损坏。qx7135 还集成了 led短路保护、电源欠压保护功能。此外,qx7135自带软启动功能。 
qx7135可提供多个规格的输出电流供客户选择,输出电流可以从100ma到380ma,步长为10ma,并可通过多芯片并联的方式扩展 led 的电流驱动能力。 
qx7135采用 sot-89-3的封装形式。 " />


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qx7135 is a constant current led driver with low dropout, linear buck and fixed output current. in addition to led, qx7135 can form a constant current output led driver without external components


qx7135 has a built-in overheating protection function, which can effectively protect the chip and avoid damage due to overheating when the junction temperature exceeds 120oc. qx7135 also integrates led short circuit protection and power supply undervoltage protection. in addition, qx7135 comes with soft start function.

qx7135 can provide multiple specifications of output current for customers to choose from, the output current can be from 100ma to 380ma, the step size is 10ma, and the current driving capability of led can be expanded through the parallel connection of multiple chips.

qx7135 adopts sot-89-3 package.

ø power supply voltage: 2.7v ~ 5.5v

ø output current: 100ma to 380ma

ø low voltage difference: 150mv @ 350ma

ø output current accuracy: better than ± 5%

ø overheat protection threshold: 120oc

ø undervoltage protection: 2.5v

ø led short circuit protection soft start

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