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qx5246f特别适合宽输入电压范围的应用,输入电压范围从5.5v 到36v,并且qx5246f对输入电压具有高的抑制比。





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qx5246f 高端电流检测高亮度led驱动器-凯发网址登录

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qx5246f high-end current detection high-brightness led driver

qx5246f is a buck, constant current, high efficiency and high brightness led driver.

the qx5246f is particularly suitable for applications with a wide input voltage range. the input voltage range is from 5.5v to 36v, and the qx5246f has a high rejection ratio to the input voltage.

the qx5246f uses a built-in low on-resistance power switch tube, which simplifies the peripheral circuit of the chip. only a few external components are needed to achieve the step-down, constant current drive function, and the brightness control function can be realized through the dim pin.

qx5246f sets the output current through an external resistor. its built-in power mos tube, high-end current detection achieves a current accuracy of ± 4%.

due to the hysteresis control method, the qx5246f has a very fast response speed to load transients, and the maximum operating frequency can reach 1mhz.

qx5246f is available in esop8 package.

ø built-in 40v, 5a power mos

ø current accuracy: ± 4%

ø high efficiency: 95%

ø high-end current detection, constant current output

ø brightness control, maximum brightness control frequency: 5khz

ø hysteresis control: no compensation

ø maximum working frequency: 1mhz

ø 5v, 2ma on-chip voltage regulator

ø esop8 package

typical application circuit diagram


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