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" /> qxrs001是一款具有较高性能的热释电红外传感信号处理器,它配以热释电红外传感器和少量外接元器件即可构成被动式的热释电红外开关。
qxrs001采用了sop16封装。" />

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qxrs001 pyroelectric infrared human body induction processor

qxrs001 is a pyroelectric infrared sensor signal processor with high performance. it is equipped with a pyroelectric infrared sensor and a small number of external components to form a passive pyroelectric infrared switch.

qxrs001 has a built-in two-stage high-gain, high-input impedance operational amplifier, which can be matched with a variety of sensors for signal preprocessing; qxrs001 also has a built-in high-precision reference power supply and bidirectional amplitude discriminator, which can effectively suppress power supply and environmental noise interference improve system reliability and reduce false alarm rates.

qxrs001 can make various settings by adjusting the peripheral circuit: adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, set the signal trigger blocking time and output delay time, select the repeatable and non-repeatable trigger working mode, set the light control function, etc., the circuit debugging is flexible and convenient, and can be adapted to many different applications.

qxrs001 adopts sop16 package.

ø wide working voltage range: 2.5v ~ 5.5v

ø low standby current: 50ua

ø two working modes are optional: repeatable trigger and non-repeatable trigger mode

ø the signal amplifier gain is adjustable and the bandwidth is adjustable

ø trigger blocking time is adjustable, which can effectively suppress load switching interference and repeated misoperation

ø adjustable output delay time

ø light control function is optional, can not work during the day

ø strong noise suppression ability and high reliability

typical application circuit diagram

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