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" /> qx7136是一种输出电流可调的、低压差的 led恒流驱动器, 仅需一个外接电阻和一个 nmos 管就可以构成一个完整的 led恒流驱动电路,调节该外接电阻就可以调节输出电流,输出电流可调范围为100ma到3000ma。 
qx7136 内置过热保护功能,可有效保护芯片,避免温度超过120oc 时因过热而造成损坏。 
qx7136 自带软启动功能,该功能可以防止芯片在上电瞬间出现 led 亮度的闪烁。 
qx7136 采用sot-89-5 的封装形式。" />


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qx7136 is an led constant current driver with adjustable output current and low dropout voltage. it only needs an external resistor and an nmos tube to form a complete led constant current drive circuit. adjusting the external resistor can adjust the output current the current is adjustable from 100ma to 3000ma.

qx7136 has a built-in overheating protection function, which can effectively protect the chip and avoid damage due to overheating when the temperature exceeds 120oc.

qx7136 has undervoltage protection function.

qx7136 has its own soft-start function, which can prevent the led brightness from flickering at the moment of power-on.

qx7136 adopts sot-89-5 package.

ø power supply voltage: 2.7v ~ 5.5v

ø output current: 100ma-3000ma

ø output current accuracy: better than ± 5%

ø overheat protection threshold: 120oc

ø undervoltage protection: 2.5v

ø the power supply voltage can be extended to more than 400v

ø soft start

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