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" /> qx5305 是一款高效率、高精度的升压型大功率led灯恒流驱动控制芯片。




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qx5305 is a high-efficiency, high-precision boost type high-power led lamp constant current drive control chip.

qx5305 has a built-in high-precision error amplifier, fixed off-time control circuit, constant current drive circuit, etc. it is especially suitable for high power, multiple high-brightness led string constant current drive. the qx5305 uses a fixed off-time control method, and its operating frequency can be up to 1mhz, which can reduce the volume of external inductors and filter capacitors, improve efficiency, and save pcb area. the turn-off time can be adjusted by an external capacitor, and the operating frequency can be changed according to user requirements.

qx5305 can control the drive current of high-brightness led lamp by adjusting the external current sampling resistor, so that the brightness of led lamp can reach the expected constant brightness. adding a pwm signal to the en terminal can also perform dimming of led lights.

qx5305 is available in sop8 package.

ø high efficiency: up to 95%
ø maximum working frequency: 1mhz
ø cs current limiting protection voltage: 250mv
ø fb current sampling voltage: 250mv
ø chip power supply undervoltage protection: 2.5v
ø adjustable off time
ø external frequency compensation foot

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