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" /> qx2305是一款高效率、高精度的升压型dc-dc控制芯片。内置高精度误差放大器,固定关断时间控制电路,pwm比较器,峰值电流限流电路,功率管驱动电路等,特别适合宽电压输入的升压应用。





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qx2305 is a high efficiency, high precision boost dc-dc control chip. built-in high-precision error amplifier, fixed off-time control circuit, pwm comparator, peak current limiting circuit, power tube drive circuit, etc., especially suitable for boost applications with wide voltage input.

qx2305 uses a fixed off-time control method, and its operating frequency can be up to 1mhz, which can reduce the volume of external inductors and filter capacitors, improve efficiency, and save pcb area. the shutdown time is at least 620ns, and can be adjusted by external capacitors, and the operating frequency can also be adjusted according to user requirements.

because the system adopts the current mode control mode, it has a fast transient response speed to the input bus voltage changes and load transients.

the chip has cycle-by-cycle current limit protection and output voltage overvoltage protection.

qx2305 is available in sop8 package.

ø wide input voltage range: 2.5v ~ 100v

ø high efficiency: up to 90%

ø maximum working frequency: 1mhz

ø cs current limiting protection voltage: 250mv

ø fb sampling voltage: 1000mv

ø chip power supply undervoltage protection: 2.5v

ø built-in current sampling leading-edge blanking circuit

ø external frequency compensation foot

ø adjustable off time

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