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qx4054 是一款完整的单节锂离子电池恒流恒压线性充电控制器,只需要极少的外接元件,便能适用于便携式产品的应用,而且qx4054 是专门为usb电源充电而设计的




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qx4054 independent linear lithium battery charge controller

qx4054 is a complete single-cell lithium-ion battery constant-current constant-voltage linear charge controller that requires few external components and can be suitable for portable product applications. moreover, qx4054 is specifically designed for usb power charging

qx4054 can have three charging modes: trickle charging, constant current charging and constant voltage charging according to the different battery voltages. the charging current in trickle charging mode is 1/10 of the full charging current; the charging current in constant current charging mode is the full charging current; the charging voltage in the constant voltage charging mode is fixed at 4.2v, and the battery voltage reaches the full charge voltage and is charged when the current drops to 1/10 of the full charge current, the qx4054 will automatically stop charging. full charge current is set by an external resistor.

qx4054 also has built-in sleep mode, shutdown mode, charging current monitoring, overvoltage protection, overheating protection, automatic recharging, working status indication and other functions.

qx4054 is available in sot-23-5 package.

ø power supply voltage: 4.5 v ~ 6.0v

ø programmable charging current: up to 700ma

ø accuracy of preset 4.2v charging voltage: ± 1%

ø trickle charging threshold voltage: 2.9v

ø overheat protection: ensure fast and safe charging

ø soft start: effectively limit the inrush current

ø no external mos tube, sensing resistor and diode

ø charge the battery directly from the usb port

typical application circuit diagram

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