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qx5241 is a step-down high-precision high-brightness led constant current drive controller

qx5241 sets the output current through an external resistor, the maximum output current can reach 2.5a; the current detection accuracy can be up to ± 1%; the peripheral requires only a few components to realize the step-down, constant current drive function, and can pass dim the pins implement the brightness control function.

the system adopts the inductor current hysteresis control method, has a very fast response to load transients, and has a high rejection ratio to the input voltage; its inductor current ripple is 20%, and the maximum operating frequency can reach 1mhz.

qx5241 is particularly suitable for applications with a wide input voltage range, with an input voltage range from 5.5v to 36v; and an operating temperature range from -20 ° c to 85 ° c.

qx5241 has a built-in ldo, the output voltage is 5v, and the maximum output current is 5ma.

qx5241 is available in a small sot23-6 package.

ø maximum output current: 2.5a

ø high efficiency: 96%

ø high-end current detection

ø maximum brightness control frequency: 5khz

ø hysteresis control without compensation

ø maximum working frequency: 1mhz

ø current accuracy: up to ± 1%

ø wide input voltage: 5.5v ~ 36v

ø maximum output power: 25w

ø 5v, 5ma on-chip voltage regulator

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