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qx5253 is a special integrated circuit designed for solar led lawn lights.

qx5253qx5253 is composed of switch-type drive circuit, light control switch circuit, over discharge protection circuit, internal integrated schottky diode and other circuits.

qx5253 only needs an external inductor to form a solar lighting device.

qx5253 adopts patented technology, so that the led light does not flicker when the undervoltage is turned off.

the operating voltage of qx5253 is 1.8v to 3.0v, suitable for two aa batteries or two nimh batteries.

qx5253 has a built-in switch on the led pin, so that when the system stops switching, the path from the battery to the led lamp through the inductor can be completely shut off, thereby avoiding the through leakage when the battery voltage is high.

qx5253 is available in dip8 package.

ø working voltage: 1.8v ~ 3.0v

ø output current: less than 300ma

ø high efficiency: 87.7%

ø patented over-discharge protection circuit: no flicker when turning off

ø internal integrated light control switch

ø internal integrated schottky diode

ø only one inductor is needed

ø led can be turned off completely

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