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qx6206 系列是高纹波抑制率、低功耗、低压差cmos 降压型电压稳压器。





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qx6206 low dropout linear regulator

the qx6206 series is a high ripple rejection ratio, low power consumption, low dropout cmos step-down voltage regulator.

qx6206 has a very low quiescent current (typical value is 8.0μa), they can provide 300ma output current in the case of very small input and output voltage difference, and still maintain a good regulation rate.

qx6206 has built-in over-current protection and short-circuit protection.

due to the small voltage difference between the input and output and the small static bias current, the qx6206 is particularly suitable for battery-powered products that require extended battery life, such as computers, consumer products, and industrial equipment. it can also be used as a regulator and reference voltage to use.

qx6206 series products have three package types: sot23, sot23-3 and sot89-3.

ø high precision output voltage: ± 2%

ø output voltage: 2.0v ~ 5.0v (stepping 0.1v)

ø low quiescent current: 8ua

ø strong load capacity: when vin = 4.3v and vout = 3.3v, iout = 300ma

ø very low input and input voltage difference: [email protected]

ø good output stability: the typical power supply voltage adjustment rate is 0.05% / v

ø low temperature adjustment coefficient

typical application circuit diagram

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ø battery-powered system

ø voltage reference source

ø portable electronic devices such as electronic dictionaries, digital cameras, wireless headphones and chargers